Agustin and Maca Hunneus California by Richard Powers

Agustin and Maca Hunneus California

Pictures Richard Powers

Words Dominic Bradbury

This is the vacation and weekend home of San Francisco wine grower Agustin Hunneus, his wife – interior designer Maca Hunneus – and their four young daughters.  The house is used all year round, but particularly in winter when the Sugar Bowl ski slopes come into use, flowing down from Mount Judah and Lincoln Mountain.

When they first visited the resort – not far from Lake Tahoe – fourteen years ago the couple were instantly taken by it. Some years later they commissioned architect John Maniscalco to design a home for them on a site among the forested hills. The house sits on a substantial concrete plinth, which allows the main body of the building to float above the snow line in winter

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