Palmeraie House by Richard Powers

Palmeraie House

Pictures Richard Powers

Words Dominic Bradbury

Not available in Italy

This house in the Palmeraie outside Marrakech is a multi-national collaboration. Designed by Russian born, Moroccan based architect Helena Marczewski with interiors by Belgian designer Esther Gutmer, this contemporary family home was created for a Belgo-Moroccan couple who split their time between North Africa and Europe.

The villa was designed around a series of olive trees, with a pool and pool pavilion at the far end of the garden. The main house is arranged around a dramatic central courtyard and water pool, while the entrance area makes the most of sculptural cactus gardens that give the house a Mexican twist.

The house is largely closed to the driveway, yet opens up dramatically to the garden, with the main living room and dining room opening up to a choice of terraces. Bedrooms are positioned in an adjoining two storey wing off to one side. The interiors mix bespoke pieces by Gutmer, contemporary furniture by European designers and collections of contemporary photography and African jewellery.

The house is calm, contemporary and sophisticated, making the most of its setting and forming an oasis in the desert

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