Shaun and Caitriona Roy by Rachael Smith

Shaun and Caitriona Roy

Photographs Rachael Smith

Words Alix Bateman

In 2012 Caitriona and Shaun bought this late Victorian four bed roomed house in Wandsworth, South London. Looking to start a family, and therefore needing more space, Shaun and Caitriona had made the decision to leave their small South London flat and seek a larger home.

Having viewed properties as far afield as The Cotswolds and Hampshire, they eventually concluded that their current neighbourhood, with its streets of rich architectural variety and proximity to parks for Monty, could in fact be ideal.

The house itself was in a tired condition when Caitriona and Shaun first viewed it, but, with a wider than average entrance hall and an 1881 date stone above the front door, they could see it had the potential to create the substantial family home of which they had dreamt.

Recognising that colour is the most powerfully transformative element of any interior, Caitriona set about painting the uniformly white walls in subtle tones of muted cream, blue and grey. She was aiming for a far more grown up vibe than had been in their previous home and therefore introduced antique and traditional furnishings combined with glassware and reflective surfaces. This, coupled with the existing weathered oak flooring, produced a warm and sophisticated feel, elegant without being overly ornate.

With black burnished fire surrounds and gilded frames creating contrast, the resulting effect is one of simplicity and elegance, a unified scheme with a hint of Scandinavian chic.

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