Terms & Conditions


“We” or “Us” means Inside Features.

“You” means the person viewing this website, the licensee where a licence has been agreed, or your employer if you are acting on behalf of an employer.

“Contributor” means a photographer or writer on whose behalf Inside Features is offering images or text for reproduction.

“Image” means an image offered for reproduction by Inside Features on behalf of a contributor.

“Reproduction” means any form of copying, displaying or publication of the whole or part of any image made available to you by us.


  1. You may download PDF contact sheets and low-resolution images from this website, and may share them with other parties, for purposes of personal viewing and of consideration for publication including test layouts, internal presentations etc. You may not otherwise reproduce, use commercially, publish, transmit or distribute by any means the whole or any part of any image, text or other content displayed on the website or supplied by us, without our express permission.
  2. Any reproduction rights granted by us are subject to these terms and conditions, and to any further or varied licence terms which may be agreed.
  3. Unless otherwise agreed, any reproduction rights are limited to a single use (a reproduction in one size for one edition of a single publication and in one language only), to a single territory, and may not be assigned or transferred to any third party. Unless otherwise agreed the duration of all licenses is limited to 9 months from the date of publication.
  4. Reproduction rights are only granted if licence terms are agreed with us and, unless otherwise agreed, if our invoice relating to the grant of such right is fully paid. No reproduction rights are granted as a result of the delivery of images. Any reproduction before payment of the invoice, or that is not in accordance with the agreed licence terms, may constitute an infringement of copyright and/or a breach of this agreement.
  5. If licence terms are agreed and the images concerned are not subsequently published, a cancellation fee (‘kill fee’) of 50% of the agreed price shall be due.
  6. Images displayed on this website or supplied by us may not be altered or manipulated, added to, or have any part deleted, without our prior written consent.
  7. You must credit us and the contributor every time a feature or image is published, in the terms and format specified by us. Unless otherwise specified, the format shall be as follows: “Photographer / Writer / Inside Features”
  8. You must provide us on publication with a PDF copy of any publication in which the reproduction of the image appears. We may, exceptionally, require you to provide a print copy to be sent to the home owner / designer / architect.
  9. You must satisfy yourself that all necessary rights, consents and model or other releases which may be required for reproduction are obtained and that your use of any image is not obscene, indecent, libellous or unlawful. Unless specified in writing by us, we make no claim and give no rights or warranty in relation to these matters, or otherwise in relation to your use of images supplied by us. This includes in relation to content, names, text, people, intellectual property rights, and any trademarks or copyright material depicted in any image. Inside Features is not the copyright owner of any material featured on the website, but acts on behalf of contributors who retain ownership of copyright in relation to all material. You agree to indemnify Inside Features and the contributor in respect of any liabilities, claims, damages, costs or expenses relating to or arising from the reproduction or use of any image supplied to you, unless we have specified in writing that the applicable right, release or consent exists.
  10. All images are property of the contributor and are protected by applicable international property and copyright laws.
  11. Invoices shall be paid by bank transfer within 30 days of the invoice date unless otherwise agreed. At our sole discretion, we may agree in advance that you may pay by the end of the calendar month immediately following publication or use. Inside Features shall not be liable for any bank or other fees, charges or costs, arising from your payment of our invoices
  12. If you do not pay in accordance with these terms then we may at our discretion rescind this agreement and recover damages or charge interest at the rate specified by the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 from the date payment was due until payment is made.
  13. These terms and conditions, together with the terms of any licence agreement, constitute the entirety of the contract between Inside Features and you. No terms or conditions may be added, amended or deleted by either party unless agreed in writing.
  14. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties agree to submit the jurisdiction of the English courts, such jurisdiction to be exclusive, save for infringement of copyright or non-payment of our invoices where it will be non-exclusive.