Carien and Dennis by Chiela van Meerwijk

Carien and Dennis
Pictures Chiela van Meerwijk
Words and Styling Nelly Gansekoele

Carien and Dennis are true entrepreneurs. They have previously had a large metal bending company together that they sold before the construction of their current home. Now Carien runs her own interior styling business company, Cozsy and Dennis is an independent entrepreneur who helps companies in their development and growth with his company Growproud.
Carien, Dennis and their children have been living in their dream home in Almelo since 2018. Carien was already very familiar with this neighborhood because she grew up here. On the plot where they could build their dream home there was previously an old farmhouse where sheep still walked in the meadow out back. Carien always said, if there was a possibility, she would really like to live in that place. Maybe remodel the old farm. When Carien and Dennis heard that the farm was for sale, they immediately started looking at the possibilities.

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